Monday, February 15, 2010


We've talked about going up to the mountains every winter for several years but it just never worked out before. During the last two weeks 6 feet of snow fell in the local mountains, and we just couldn't resist a weekend trip.

We found a little cabin to rent and left early on a Friday to beat the traffic. The kids were so excited as we wound our way up the mountain and the snow got deeper and deeper. They've never played in the snow before and they talked about it all week. Emmy counted down the days every morning when she woke up.

This is the view out the back door of the cabin, and what is supposed to be the patio! Gage has always hated the cold and wet, so we were a bit worried that he would be miserable. But Blake spent the week hunting for bargains on good winter clothes and found some great stuff for them all.

Gage looked like the stay puff marshmallow man, but he played for hours without getting cold in his new warm clothes.

Hadley enjoyed the snow too.

Hadley at just past 2 is still a little small to play very long in the snow with all the layers on, so she spent a good bit of time "tuddling" (cuddling) with mom and dad.

Emmy of course had a great time. She played for hours with Gage digging tunnels and caves in the huge piles of snow. They made some snow angels and snowballs, and I don't think they fought once!!!

Emmy did a little sledding with Mom and Dad.

And she helped build our first family snowman and decorated it with her own hat and scarf.

The kids were so tired after playing in the snow all day long. Tired but happy. What a great trip.