Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween is so much fun with kids. I don't even remember having that much fun when I used to go out trick-or-treating. Emmy designed the jack-o-lantern this year on paper first and then I set out to carve her creation.

I think it turned out to be my favorite Halloween pumpkin ever!!! I couldn't have made one that interesting to save my life. Behold, Emmy's 7 eyed Monster!!!

Emmy has been excited for over a month and she could hardly stand it all day waiting for it to get dark. At 4 PM she even said, "You know, its God's fault its not dark yet" HA!!! I had a good laugh at that. I then tried a disertation on how if God gave us what we wanted all the time we wouldn't be able to be happy because everything would be too easy. Of course the point was entirely lost on her. Having things her way all the time sounded pretty good to her:) Hope she grows out of it, but she is a girl... :)

Fortunately it gets dark pretty early this time of year so after an early dinner we all got dressed up, and much to my surprise, everyone enjoyed it...and I mean everyone!

I thought Gage would hate being stuck in his outfit, but he wore it all night long without complaint. He looked so cute as a giraffe.

Emmy was a truly terifying witch. It didn't take any convincing to get her to hold still for makeup. She loves dressing up, and she has been talking about being a witch for ages. She could hardly take it that it was finally time.

My favorite part was when we met some neighbors for pictures, and ALL the girls had dressed like princess brides. That's all Emmy could talk about last year, but this year it was all witch for her. This picture of her among all the sweet princesses makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. I just love it!

I didn't think I'd be able to convince Blake to dress up, but what better way to utilize a 5-day overdue prego belly than on Halloween?

And of course, I dressed up as myself...white trash hick boy from Eastern Oregon:)

Don't I look handsome:)

Blake got the most attention by far. Everyone that passed would gasp when they realized it was her real belly, and at least 20 people stopped to take pictures. It really was quite a site. Both the kids got tons of compliments too. Their outfits were fantastic. Nobody really loved mine...but a few people did say something about Farmer Bob...or offered their orthodondists number... I think too many people thought my fake teeth were real...or maybe it was just a boring outfit. Most of the parents didn't even dress up, so I personally thought we were the cutest family in the neighborhood:)