Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Fun

I had to brush off a few cobwebs to get back to my blog after a long summer of fun. I know, I've neglected this badly and this short post won't hardly make up for it, but I thought I better throw up a couple pictures from our adventures. Summer seemed to last forever when I was a kid, but now it just flies by. The kids made the most of it, and Blake and I just tried to keep up. A few of our fun memories from the summer:

A trip to the aquarium

One of our neighborhood block party BBQs. The kids were let loose to eat and play, and obviously were not cleaned prior to photo time!!!

A little waterfight after lunch took care of most of the mess and the heat!

Emmy playing with one of her friends from school

As always, playing a little dressup (Emmy's favorite)

Dr Seuss inspired block castles

Hadley playing her new favorite game!

Peekaboo Hadley!!!

One of our best memories of Summer 2008 was our big northwest road trip. Here's a picture from Glacier National Park in Montana, but I think I'll save more vacation pictures for another blog. Hope everyone is enjoying back to school time!