Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby 3 at Last!

Its already been over a month since baby 3 finally decided to join us in the real world, but somehow I haven't had time to post some pictures. I did send around an email, but I've felt bad about neglecting my monthly committment to the blog. There won't be many details, but I had to at least post a few pictures.

Hadley Reece
Born November 7, 2007 (11/7/07)
10 lbs 0 ozs
23" long

We love the date, and if I can't remember that birthday then all is lost for me:)

The hospital actually measured her at 21" at birth, but we don't think they were too careful because she measured 23" and then 24" a couple days later. So unless she sprouted an inch a day we're pretty sure they just didn't pay attention. We didn't care for the nurse that cleaned her up and measured her anyway, but that's another story...

A couple pics of Hadley with Emmy, Gage, and Blake:


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