Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emmy's First Day of School

For weeks Emmy has been asking, "Momma, how many days until school?"

She could hardly stand the wait, especially when most of the neighborhood elementary school kids started the week before her. She finally got to meet her teacher last Tuesday and starting getting really excited, but still had to put up with her friends talking about recess and lessons and teachers. Finally, last Thursday, it was her day, and man did she let everyone know! She literally came flying out of her room at 6 AM and screamed (not uncommon for her!) as she ran though the house, "IT'S MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY!!!!". We managed somehow to get her dressed and through breakfast without her falling to pieces with anticipation.

When she was ready, she stood by the door very impatiently, waiting for the rest of us to get ready to go. No one seemed to understand what a hurry we needed to be in!!! I did get her to hold still for the required first-day-of-school picture.

Waiting for the gates to open at 9 AM.

Since this is the second year of preschool, Emmy gets to sign in by herself! She usually writes just "EMMY" so writing "Emerson" was a bit of a challenge, especially when it was so hard to concentrate on the first day! She sort of got the bottom half of the "s" backward, and maybe an extra leg on the "n" !!! We loved it, but we're still not sure what an Emercow is? HA!

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