Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miss Three Tooth

Hadley decided at 10 months that she was tired of watching everyone else walk around on two feet so she pulled herself up and took a few steps!!! She copies everything Emmy and Gage do, so we aren't really surprised that she was interested in walking too.

Her first few attempts! Did I say 10 MONTHS??? Yikes!

She not only has started walking, but decided she likes to climb up on things and stand up there too!

She recently sprouted her third tooth, so I've been calling her "Old Three Tooth" lately! It is super cute and we're not looking forward to our last baby getting all her teeth and not looking like a baby anymore. We're trying to enjoy them every day just as they are. She was in the bath for the first shot.

One of her new habits is to crawl into Gage's dump truck and take a seat. The problem is, she can't get out on her own very well so she hollers at us every 20 seconds or so to help her out. Of course, then she climbs right back in again!!!

Hadley is getting pretty good at feeding herself now. And by "pretty good at" I mean, she can satisfy her hunger. A good bit of the food still doesn't exactly make it into her mouth.

Another of her new daily routines is pulling the tupperware out of the cabinet and investigating!!!

Of course, being a baby, she still takes a couple naps every day. She's waiting for the cell phone to ring. She loves it when it lights up and makes noise and can never seem to predict when its going to happen so she'll hold on to it for hours.

Just so this post isn't all about Hadley, here is a picture of all the kids from the end of August:

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