Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of Kindy Garden!

Emmy's first day of kindergarten! She has been so excited all summer long for her "real" school to start. She loved her two years of preschool and two days a week wasn't enough anymore. Emmy always loves being with friends and learning new things so she has a hard time in the summer with no school. She was ready to go back and have her own life away from home.

The other kids were sad to see her go and sad to be left behind. They look up to Emmy and rely on her for make believe time and to create games to play at home. Her school adds a lot of energy to family time too because she is so excited to share her stories with us at dinner.

She told us a funny story the first day about "her friend" that opened her lunch box and was so sad because she didn't get the snack she wanted. Then she laughed and said "but it wasn't her lunch box! It was the same as my other friend's!"

Of course, daddy had to get her in trouble the first day. I thought she would be excited to have a small handful of chocolate covered raisins in a baggy for a treat on her first day.

Apparently momma had signed a sheet saying they weren't allowed to bring treats or chocolate.... That's why momma packs the lunches!

On their first day they read the Ginger Bread Man" and played a game of can't catch the gingerbread man around the school to learn where the library and other rooms were. The teacher said most kids are pretty shy for the first two weeks, but on the first day Emmy was already hugging the teacher with a smile and talking about her friends over dinner. We're so happy to see Emmy enjoying school so much. It's a good thing too! She'll be there a few years!

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Hi Denver! Nice to see an update
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