Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Evil Minivan....

Yes....its true...the Martins own a minivan :(

Do I need to say more?

Now Blake can't ever say I didn't buy her a really nice present. See, doesn't she look happy and grateful?

The car seats are huge these days and our Camry wouldn't fit 3 across in the back seat....so it was unavoidable. It really is nice to have for a family. The kids love it, and its convenient for Blake too, even though there is a definite stigma with owning a minivan. There's no turning back now.


Jason Young said...

I swore I'd never dive a van of any type...what's my car now??? A minivan! It just happens as the family expands I guess :) Drive it with Pride my friend!! :)


The Morrisons said...

Hey Denver, I have to admit that we took the plunge and are now a "vinivan" fam. That is what my daughter calls it. Glad to hear from you on our blog, as you can see, I am not the one that updates it and keeps up with everyone else. Someone is always hogging the computer....Hope to hear from you again.