Friday, September 28, 2007

Halloween in September

So this year Emmy is SOOOOO excited about Halloween. She has been shopping with momma for costumes and decorations for the last two weeks and spent hours decorating the house with momma. We've tried to warn her that the baby is due around Halloween so we don't know what's going to happen yet. We may be trick-or-treating in the hospital, but gosh darn it we're dressing up and getting some candy!!!

The kids have both tried on their potential outfits. Gage isn't so sure about his. It lasted all of 10 or 15 seconds and he was over it! He might have to go dressed as a baby... or Charlie Brown (thanks for the idea mom!)

Emmy is not only patient with her outfit, but absolutely dedicated to being a terrifying witch!!! She's been studying the door hanging of a witch we put on her bathroom and said she MUST have a big warty green nose and pointy chin, and while she was sitting on the toilet the other night announced that she MUST have a green bottom too. We were impressed she projected the green skin from the face of the witch to the rest of the witch's unseen body, but its a theme that's getting a bit tired in our household. Emmy has a recent fixation on her bodily functions. Its just a stage, and a healthy one no doubt, but it will be nice when she wants to talk about something else:) Good thing Halloween is coming. Its been a great distraction. From first thing in the morning til right before bed she wants to wear her witch hat around the house and we had to hide the $1 broom, afraid it would break before the big night!


Jason Young said...

Love the updates!! I can't wait to see the new baby. I'm sure Blake is anxious to hold them in her arms instead of in the belly :) These last few days are so uncomfortalbe!!! Keep us posted!!!


Rebecca said...

We have a little girl about the same age as Emmy and she wants to be a witch too...hmm must be the age! Kids keep you on your toes for sure! Congrats on you upcoming baby! Good luck and let me know what 3 is like!