Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Man

Blake always calls Gage "little man" and this post is all about our cute little monster.

Emmy will get the honor next time. Maybe when Hadley does something besides drool she'll get a whole blog entry to herself! Oh wait, she can roll over, and she has a really cute laugh, but I digress... Today's post is for Gage. Hadley will get her chance, and I think I'll find a few more things to mention about her than her excessive drool:)

Gage's favorite things:
Rocks (Rots)
Trucks (Ruts), and
His Blanket (mah-mit)

If you only got to know one thing about Gagey, I'd tell you about his love of rocks. It doesn't matter the size, shape, color, or amount of dirt stuck to it, he LOVES rocks!

At first his fixation was SO cute, but it has started to get old because we literally can not get him to walk past a tiny broken pebble on the way to the car without him hollering, "Rot, Rot, Rot!!!" and pulling away to pick it up and show it off. "Yes, rock Gage" we reply with a sigh, and tell him to put it by the car for later. Rocks have been banned from the car as at the moment of unbearable boredom during a car ride he will hurl it wildly and unwittingly toward his baby sister who sits in front of him. The fact that he actually lets it out of his hand is amazing because usually the only way to wrench it free is to trade for food.

Speaking of food, Gage is finally old enough to hold his own "big boy" cup and not do much damage.

Gage will be 2 in April, and he is really growing up fast all of a sudden. He actually isn't growing much bigger, but he is growing up. He started talking a lot in recent months and now frequently says two words in sequence. Emmy teaches him to count, so he can count to three sometimes on his own. He likes to repeat after Emmy as she counts to 20, but he's a ways away from doing THAT on his own I think. He isn't quite ready to dress himself either, but he does try putting on his shoes by himself.

The only thing Gagey loves more than rocks and his sisters is his blanket from Grandma Mimi. Actually, I think he likes his blanket better! He doesn't like to go anywhere without it, and I'm not sure he'd be able to fall asleep without it. He loves to dig his fingers through the holes, especially when he's really tired. He might just be the most happy in the world when he wakes up in the morning and drags his blanket to "his" rocker and climbs in.

He'll rock for an hour, just humming a little song to himself and holding his blanket. The only thing that will get him up is a promise to go outside and look for rocks!!!

He is temperarily over his obsession with cars and trucks, but still likes to get them all out of his drawer and line them up on the floor, couch, or table, and make little "vroom vroom" sounds as he drives them on the furniture.

Some other things Gage likes:






and his favorite hobby of late? HUNTING SPIDERS!!!!

We Love Our Little Man!


*lizzy said...

too cute! i'm really enjoying your blog posts and the photos of you all. :) thanks for sharing! say hello to blakey!

Amy said...

I couldn't resist saying how cute your family is AND we have a Gage too! You just don't hear that name very often. Gage is Gagey-Bop at our house and we also call him "little man". Denver we went to the U-ward together! Crazy how time flies and catching up via blogs is fun.
~Amy and Lanson Baumgartner :)

Jason Young said...

How fun to catch up on your family!! You sure are a lucky man to have such a fun and cute family :)


Heather said...

Your boy really is such a cutie! Can't wait to hear a bit more about the other members of your little family.
P.S.- I tagged you, see the blog for details!

Piper P. said...

Now I know what to get the "little man" for his birthday...a BIG pile of "ROTS"! Blakey will be pleased... :)

Phillip and Katie said...

Denver and Blake,
I only know Denver but I really enjoyed the pictures of your family. This is Katie Sanchez, used to be Katie Shaffer... university ward. It's so fun to catch up with people you used to know. Congratulations to you and Blake for your wonderful family. I'd love to hear from you. You can check out our blog: or email us at
Take care,

Laura said...

I'm so glad you contacted me. I was wondering what you were up to. I love your blog! I love seeing your wife and kids! Post more so I can see what you're up to.

*lizzy said...

ok, it is time for a post on your other children! ;) how are you all doing? thinking of you and sending you all well wishes!