Sunday, March 2, 2008

Out and About in February

I was trying to keep up with at least one post a month, but even that's starting to slip. I have no excuses now though because we finally got wireless and upgraded from dial-up (yes, we still had dial-up at home... I know, hard to believe) so now I can sit on the couch with the laptop and post away. No excuses... :)

This post just has some pics of random things we did in February. We had the flu in early February (no pics of that!) and it drug out for 3 weeks before everyone worked through it. Besides that time though we've been trying to get out and do more fun things.


I usually don't call it hiking unless you at least go up or down a little, but a lot of our regular weekend hiking spots we closed from too much rain so we decided to try something new and had a great time. It is right in town and you'd never think there was so much open space in the middle of Orange County, but they've done a good job keeping open space all around.

This was some drying algae, but Emmy called it spider webs. It did look a little creepy on an overcast grey day in the swamp. Emmy asked if there were aligators in Irvine. We got a kick out of that one.


Emmy and Gage have sticker charts for their daily chores and if they get enough we get a special weekend treat. You can see their charts behind them on the wall. I love this picture anyway but it just happens to show the charts. Emmy and Gagey are both being their classic silly selves.

They did so well with their chores the last two weeks we took them to a little amusement park for a few rides and games.

Emmy really wanted to go on the ferris wheel and Blake couldn't believe it because she is terrified of them. She almost scared Emmy out of it:

Hadley thought it was a bad idea too :)

But Emmy insisted and we got on!

She did get a bit scared, but mostly enjoyed it.

After a little convincing Gagey went on a smaller ride too.

That was enough for him though. After that he wanted his blanket back and wanted to be held and just watch for awhile. He's having his timid phase.

Going inside for a little skee-ball was a good rest after the rides, and it's Blake's favorite game too.

Of course everyone's favorite after a fun day is to come home and relax.

Goodbye February 2008. No more leap years for 4 more years...


Heather said...

So glad to see what you are up to! Check out my blogroll, there's a familiar face there!

Rebecca said...

Glad to finally see another post! Did you get to see my post with you in a bunch of the pics? Good times! Your kids ar so cute and Hadley...what a doll! Denver I think you look like a totally different person with all that facial hair...if I didn't know this was your blog I don't think I would have recognized you!

Piper P. said...

Oh little're a month away from your half birthday and we still haven't met! Soon enough...